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An extremely simple yet functional watermarking app for Android, iPhone and iPad

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About Our App

eZy Watermark is a feature–rich watermarking app, trusted by 3 millions+ users around the world. You can add watermark to your photos to protect them using text, signature, QR code, logo, copyright, trademark etc. Along with powerful watermarking tools, eZy Watermark provides the option to batch watermark unlimited pictures in a single tap.
You can also enjoy editing controls within the app. The app offers a collection of 150+ fonts, while it also has an option to adjust pen thickness on signatures you add to your photos, with options of adjusting opacity, auto alignment etc.
There is nothing complex about using this app as it provides a friendly user interface with fast and simple way to add watermarks to your photos. This app lets you import photos from the camera, phone gallery, Facebook, Instagram and Google Drive; while its exporting options are no less amazing since it allows its users to share their watermarked photos on any social media platform they can think of.

App Features


Image Watermark

Add an image watermark anywhere on your photographs conveniently.


Text Watermark

Add text watermark with rich effects on your photographs.

QR code

Add QR Code

Use your QR code as watermark on your photographs.


Add Signature

Add signature to create watermark with options of adjusting opacity, auto alignment, rotation etc.


Batch Watermarking

Batch watermark unlimited photographs quickly in a single tap.


Create Templates

Create custom templates and use to watermark batch photographs in a single tap.


Multiple Fonts

Select from diverse (150+) fonts and colors.


Multiple Import Options

Import from Camera, Library, Instagram, facebook and Google Drive.


Multiple Export Options

Export your watermarked photos on any social media platform.


Grace Your Photos

Choose from Emoticons, fun kits, cartoons, stickers etc.


Trusted By Millions

3 million+ trusted users around the globe.

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Editing Controls

You can crop, rotate and apply Black & White filter within the app.

color mode

Dark Mode

Dark Mode support for iOS.


Sleek And User Friendly

App is been designed with responsive and user friendly approach in mind.



App is localized in 11 different languages.


High Resolution Images

Supports high resolution images.

optimized image

Different Image Qualities

Export option in different image qualities.

image format

Keeps EXIF Intact

It maintains EXIF metadata after export.

App Screenshots

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The app is available on App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play Store for Android phones.

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